State of ACNA Address - Sis Irma H Alamazan

My Dear Fellow Members of Alpha Phi Omega,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and may this coming year bring you more prosperity and happiness.

On behalf of all the incoming executive officers of The Alumni Council of North America, I would like to wish each and everyone a blessed Happy New Year. In just a few hours we will be welcoming another year. Your executive officers are all excited to assume office on day one and are roaring to advance the interests of ACNA. We would like to convey our sincere gratitude in your trust and support in choosing us as the next administration to lead and serve. We are confident that we will strive to do our best to meet your goals and expectations.

The state of ACNA is as vibrant as ever. This has been manifested in the latest convention held in Washington DC last September. You have witnessed first hand the camaraderie and the fun. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise because we are all members of Alpha Phi Omega and this is who we are. The participation from all the different alumni groups was overwhelming. The presence of an overseas-based group gracing the affair encourages me to expand the visibility of ACNA and to spread our friendship globally. Yes my dear brothers and Sisters – collectively we can show the world that we are all great leaders willing to serve without any reservation. I borrow our slogan in GLA that we in ACNA should Lead, Build, and Serve. We will make this our mission over the next two years, and beyond.

ACNA membership has grown over the past few years. More Alumni groups are joining. Participation has been very prominent. This only means one thing: the ACNA model is working. How can we make it better is the challenge. We are all coming from different alumni group, and together we have formed this umbrella organization. We celebrate this diversity. The theme in my administration is “Unity In Diversity.” In an organization, strength can only be achieved through Unity. I encourage you, my dear Brothers and Sisters, to cast away our petty differences and unite with one common goal: to strengthen ACNA as a whole. We all can shape the future of ACNA, and make it more relevant for the next generations to come.

During the last board meeting in September, it has been approved that we will form a Constitutional Review Committee (“CRC”). I have already contacted some of our members who have expertise on this matter and will tap into their knowledge to review our CBL and make it more relevant to our current time. After coming up with a recommendation, I will share it with all alumni groups for further review and work with you to come up with a new and improved CBL. We all treasure your input and your suggestions are very important to us. We all have to work to make and build ACNA for the next generation and thinking “YES we can!”

On this note allow me to thank you all for the support and hard work and sacrifices you have all rendered. Let us all continue to propagate the LEADERSHIP, FRIENDSHIP and SERVICE that we always do, as these traits have been ingrained in our hearts by our founding fathers. Keep on doing.

May GOD Bless us all. See you all on March 31st, 2017 in Chicago for the first quarterly ACNA meeting.

Sis Irma H. Almazan
ACNA President
AY 2017-2018

Unity in diversity for sustainable growth

ACNA 2017-2018

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